The following links contain articles with great information on all aspects of Lady Gouldian Finch husbandry, including housing, nutrition, breeding, health, and life cycle events such as the molt.  These articles also include a great body of information on all high metabolism birds including finches, waxbills, canaries, and soft bills.


Breeding Gouldian Finches  by Bill Van Patten and Mike Fidler


Feeding Lady Gouldian Finches  by Bill Van Patten


The First 90 Days of Life  by Bill Van Patten


A New Way of Sprouting Seed  by Mike Fidler


Mike Fidler Shows You How to Sprout Seed  Video Version!


ABC News Video on Gouldian Finch Head Colors


ABC News Video on Wild Gouldian Nestbox Project


Winged Jewels  Australian Geographic Magazine


In a Bind Over Egg Binding?  by Mike Fidler


Establishing a New Mutation  by Mike Fidler


True Grit - To Feed or Not to Feed  by Roy Beckham


by Pryke, Griffith, Astheimer & Buttemer